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Thursday, June 21, 2007

First day of Work!

So today was my first day at my new temporary job, at the local editorial design / publishing company I mentioned before. It was really good, actually quite fun, and considering it was a full day (9-5.30), it went quite quick. I was given a few tasks to do to get used to how they work, indesign, that kind of stuff. Like I had to design a couple of adverts for the back of one of their publications, and also just had a play around with the layout and design of one of the magazines they produce, get used to how it all works, as from monday I'll be covering for one of their designers and handling all that kind of stuff so I need to see how it all works really. But yeah, it was fun, I enjoy doing things like that.

Yesterday's drawanyway task was to produce a drawing in under 2 minutes, so I decided to draw my brother playing the keyboard:
I quite like it, considering how long it took :P

Everyone should take part in Draw Anyway, go here to find out more.

That's it for today. Yet again I didn't do this week's Illustration Friday topic. Sigh. I can't do it next week either, 'cos of me working and all, but the week after that I will do it. I keep having all these great ideas and not being able to do them! Sigh.

1 comment:

aeneadellaluna said...

Your blog is very interesting! I found this link you gave very nice! I used to keep graphic diaries and for quite a while I haven't drawn..only in the computer and quick sketches for illos.. SO I bought this faber castle pens..amazing.. now I'm addicted again..It's like I love the smell of the ink.. quite funny how the drawing bug gets to you..