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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Semester 2: (Negotiated) Recipe Project

I'm very aware that I finished Semester 2 about 3 months ago. However I haven't had access to Photoshop to convert these files into blog-friendly formats, until I finally cracked and downloaded a 30 day trial. Which is a pain to install and uninstall but I won't get access to it until September aka start of third year madness. So there we go.

Student Recipe Book:

I loved doing this project, Negotiated projects are always the best because you can do what you want :) So I decided to design and illustrate the front and back cover, and 2 double page spreads, for a fully illustrated recipe books for students. Illustration and cooking; pretty much my 2 favourite things haha.

The front and back cover with spine.

Double page spread with recipe for a lovely Risotto :)

Same type of spread for a chocolate mousse recipe. Thanks to Gordon Ramsey for that one! Yum yum yum.

If I'd had time I would have loved to do the entire book, with about 20 or so recipes. Maybe one day.

As usual, all images are copyrighted to me and myself only.


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We like cooking and illustration too and love the idea of communicating in a visual way, using as little text as possible.

We would love for you to submit something, if you like the look of it,



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