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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New things: Uni, Work, People, Places, et al.

So I'm finally back at Uni :) It was a long summer, but it's great to be back where I belong. My fresher's week lasted all of 15 nights (hardcore) and now it's time for some work. This term I have 2 projects to focus on, as well as my dissertation (eep), so it should be fairly manic and stressful. Just the way I like it. One of my projects is a 30 credit one, which means double the work, double the grade, but should be nice to have something so huge and involved to focus on.

So for that one I'm going to be doing a Portrait project... haven't ironed out the creases yet, but it's going to be all about the relationship between image and text, using lyrics to distort the perception of the people you are viewing, or to reveal something about them that they are trying to hide. That kind of thing. Quite fine-art-esque isn't it. How horrifying. But it should be ace, and very moving, and really push me forward in my development.

As a little experiment I decided to start the whole thing of with a Self Portrait. Now, no self portraits will actually exist in my project, this is just a "I think this is how it might look" type thing. And here I am, existing, drunk, and hiding from you:

How vain. It does look like me, honestly.

The other, smaller project I am undertaking is an Editorial one... but not in the standard way. I think I'm going to redesign the Art School's magazine. Right now it's horrible and dull... you can see it here. It's not exactly the kind of publication that should come out of an art school. So I'm going to make it all about the students and get loads of people involved and make it fun and creative and something that you want to have in your hands. I'm kind of taking on an art director role but that could be fun. And also a lot of work. Semi scared.

I'm going to be prolific this year. Just watch me.


Needle Blossom said...

Dude, your lips look MASSIVE in that drawing!

Cool idea though. But be careful not to judge too quickly and create potentially a disastrous portrait of said sitter?

RacheL said...

I know! weird. I just traced a photo so dunno what happened there.