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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting somewhere now...

Ian Dodd's lecture was really good, by the way. I am both inspired and even more scared of graduating now :P But yeah, loads of good tips for freelancing. Glad I went.

Right, so my projects are frustrating as hell these days. The magazine is going great, except I'm totally going to run out of time. I've worked out I have to do 6 double page spreads a week if I'm going to get it done. Well done Rach, totally made it easy for yourself. Here's one of the spreads I've done anyway:

As for my deadly sins project, this one's been killing me. It's been evolving so much that it's juts really stop and start, and everything I do just wasn't working. All the elements on their own were fine, but then getting them to work as a composition... everything was all wrong.


I've been experimenting with sewing a lot more and I may have made a breakthrough. I hope. I did this, this morning and I've surprised myself. It's rather nifty I think. Touch wood.

So we're getting somewhere, finally. With 4 weeks to go. This is the part of the semester where I do this:




Needle Blossom said...

Cool layout yeaaah I will try and send you some ceramics stuff, we are all a bit shit at that and everyone is FREAKING out about business plan etc.

I think coursage is spelt corsage by the way. ^_^

RacheL said...

Really? I'm sure I checked that spelling. Damn it.