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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New editorial illustration

It's a new year and so new work. Loads of it in fact, I think I've taken on too much. But more on that later I think.

For one of my modules, I am illustrating 2 book covers (one for the Penguin Design Award, The Secret History) and also doing 6 editorial illustrations. I'm focusing the editorials on environmental/ethical articles, and I found a great one this week. Here is the link to it online. It's about how many perfumes aren't that environmentally safe etc.

The idea for the illustration came to me as soon as I read the article, didn't really have to brainstorm a lot; I love when that happens. So I was able to do this in a few hours, which is ace as I need the practice to do editorials really fast like this.

I might change a few bits and pieces (i think the lil icons are too small, this is only going to max 10cm big when printed) but there it is.

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