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Friday, May 22, 2009

A drawing a day keeps the bad thoughts away...

I decided that now I've finished my course I need to actively do something to keep drawing, because I know how easily life can get in the way of creating stuff. So, I've bought myself a pretty new sketchbook (I don't often allow myself to do that because inevitably I go crazy, buy about 6 and never use them... I have a stationary fetish I'm sure), and I'm going to fill it with drawings of stuff, one a day. Up there is the front cover that I decorated with letraset. Which I'm also obsessed with. This is to keep my mind from going idle and thinking about bad stuff that I so often fill my nights with :P

So this is my handbag... I really enjoyed drawing this, I think I might work into it a bit more though. I was debating colour but I didn't want to wreck it... it's usually purple and flowery you see. Maybe I'll give it a go.

That was yesterday's drawing, I'll do another one later and post it tonight.


Winnie said...

This is a great illustration! I like it in black and white too.

Yeah, about my post, I definitely agree that there is so much beauty around us but we don't always notice it!

Sian Louise said...

I set myself the task of doing a doodle a day, it hasn't worked well just yet, but during the summer i've given myself a project (amongst others) to chose a song (or two) and illustrate them. It's definitely a good idea to keep up the drawing and the ideas processes.

Rachel said...

That's a really good idea for a project, I love illustrating lyrics. Sounds good!