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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Daily Ampersand Project: Days 16 - 19

Well, I certainly fell off the wagon with this one. Haven't done a new ampersand in weeks! Working 32 hours a week plus trying to keep illustrating as much as possible, when it's cold and all I really want to do is sleep all the time means that I haven't done everything I wanted to, and my To-Do list is several feet long. Anyway, enough excuses.

Day 16 is Cursive Std, a nice handwriting-esque font that isn't scribbly and horrible. Drawn with thousands of circles! One of the most therapeutic things you can do is fill a page with tiny circles. It'll drive youcrazy and take ages but it's so relaxing and nice to stare at when done. If you have a spare few hours. Which I don't.
Day 17 is Odstemplik, taken from again. Quite an unusual font, I liked it instantly. This ampersand is obviously based on the 'et' form. Rendered in purple coloured pencil, nice and simple and naive-looking. Pleasing. Mmm.

Day 18 is Apple Chancery, which clearly came with my Mac, hence the name. It's an ok font, but the swishy bit at the end of the ampersand made me choose it. This is a cutout of some left over wrapping paper. Getting semi festive now.
Day 19 is this crazy thing, Stretched Signature Flex, from dafont. It's mental! Look it up, all the letters are like this, sort of disjointed and tres random. The ampersand is particularly ambiguous and spacious, so I did it in plain red ink, no messing today. Looks like a lovechild of an anchor and the on/off button.

The Ampersand Project also has it's own page on my website now, so you can see them all in full. Have a look!

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