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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The big website switch!

Wow. So, I’ve done it! Sort of. Things are in the mid-way between being terrible and being better. Remember I posted about wanting to switch my website and blog over to one place? Well here it is. It’s using a basic template at the moment; I will eventually make a custom one and it’ll be all spangly.
Things left to do are:
  • Try and reformat the fonts used; not loving these sans serif things. And also get rid of the black on the header! Ew.
  • Upload my entire portfolio. This will take a while. I’m trying to grapple with plugins etc to make it work.
  • Contact page, twitter plugins, all the rest. RSS feed. Automatic post to fb and twitter. Etc etc.

But I actually managed to make it work :D Yay me!
Until it's in its presentable state, I'll dual-post over here and over there. Eventually I'll let this blog die. Or do some kind of redirect thing. When I've figured out how to do RSS feeds for it over there I'll keep reminding you daily to resubscribe. But for the mean time, just sit back and watch it fail rise from the ashes.
So once it's presentable, I'll do a nice redesign, get my awesome tech friend to code it up, then I shall surely have a site worthy of awesome-ness.
Stay tuned! I need one of those 'men at work' signs. Hang on.


Anonymous said...

congrats, looks good. What you don't like in the header is likely to be alterable in the css (style sheet), which from the source looks to be located at

do a search for #000 (which is black, though I'm sure you know your hex values) and fiddle until you get rid of what you didn't want. Perhaps get rid of the header borders to start with?

You can also alter the fonts in the style sheet, which is sort of like the master style template for everything.

Anonymous said...

ps, this is your feed adress people can subscribe to

Rachel said...

Thanks anonymous! Really useful :) Changed a few bits now. Will keep going at it this week. Cheers xx