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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy monday.

Actually, it is a fairly happy monday, I'm being tres productive. The projects are moving along nicely now... I'm having a good response about my magazine for the art school, hopefully that continues, and my portrait project is taking shape.

I've decided to focus the project around the idea of the 7 Deadly Sins; hence, 1 portrait for each sin :) And I'm going down the avenue at the moment of 'The sins of youth' i.e. I'm taking all my photographs on nights out. Which is fun, and actually harder than you think (whilst intoxicated) because it can't just be the standard Facebook photo can it. It has to be clever. To really delve into these friends of mine and our social idiosyncrasies and desires. The whole facebook thing is fairly interesting though; its kind of a commentary on current society, at least from the vanity perspective. Pride. Sin No. 7 I believe.

Anyway, so I've started drawing from the photos I've been taking. I've decided not to use any tracing at all; I really want to focus on my drawing skills. Here's a couple I've done which I think are the best so far:

So this is one of my friends... I hope he doesn't mind me drawing him whilst downing a pint of something. I'm sure he doesn't. He's a classy guy normally. And does usually own a lower body half. This only took about 15 mins actually, just a quick thing. I need to work more on tone and contrast though, brighter whites, deeper blacks, etc etc. And colour. That's this afternoon.

And this is another classy friend of mine... I'm sure we all know her dearly from her blog :) The tone is better on this one so that's cool.

There will be more after tuesday night, as this is Intended Night of Drinking a Lot.

happy monday!


Needle Blossom said...

Argh, my strange deformed lips! But I love Murph's hair, totally beautiful ^_^

RacheL said...

they're not deformed! you were pouting girl.

Haha thanks. I like drawing hair.