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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seven Deadly Sins: Finished Project

I never actually thought I would be able to finish this in time for deadline. This project has been so stressful; fun though. And even though I had to rush these a bit, I'm really pleased with them. Here we go:

I won't put the titles up; one of the ideas of the project was to create a sense of ambiguity with the sins; I know some are more obvious than others. I was looking at perception and the way text can influence an image, so I suppose it's interesting if people have their own perceptions of which Sin each image represents. My three favourites are Pride, Sloth and Envy; they definitely came out the best.

I also want to upload this image as well, it's my favourite drawing from the project. I've noticed I have actually improved over these past 12 weeks. It works quite well as a piece on it's own:

I handed in today; such an amazing feeling. Now I can have a bit of a relax over Christmas, while I start applying for my MA. Scary stuff.

I'll post my finished magazine next...


su said...

love the way you have experimented with the book Rachel it all seems to have pulled together really well, good luck with getting onto your MA course - will pop back from time to time keep the bloggin goin Su

Rachel said...

thank you! :) Unfortunately I didn't get accepted onto either of the MA courses that I wanted to, so I'm starting freelancing - really excited about that!