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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coveting: Lace Cycling Shorts

Not entirely sure how behind I am on this microtrend. I've wanted cycling shorts in sheer or lace for about 6 months now and didn't actually know they existed - I always get things in my head that I've clearly seen in highfashion ads/catwalk, forgotten about, and it's resurfaced somewhere thinking I've invented it. It happened with cream lace tights. I wanted some for literally a year and couldn't understand why the high street was only making lace tights in dark colours. What were they doing? Then Miss Selfridges did some... but I saw them sold out online and never found them in real life, ever. Until this august I randomly spotted some footless ones in Primark and was all 'Finally!!' and bought them swiftly while swatting 'child labour' out of my mind.


These ones are Motel, found on They're £18 so not too bad really, might just have to get some. The thing is, I have godzilla size thighs. No joke. It's my curse :( So these could be a massive fail on me. I have a penchant for really short dresses on nights out, so these could be great for winter nights out, under a sparkly dress of some description, or as more casual under shorts and lots of layers, liiike:

I love this grungy look, and I've got almost that exact white lace bodice on the right hand pic. Slightly not winter-proof though - I think bare legs can only be pulled off on nights out this late in the year. So I'd probably wear this look over transparent tights and chunky boots, just so my legs don't get frost bite.

A la this kind of thing. Adds a bit of excitement and interest to an LBD, and slightly lengthens it too in case you ever fall out of taxis/down concrete steps. Not that I've ever done that...

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