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Monday, January 14, 2008

Next Uni Work Update: Negotiated.


This was my favourite module I think. We basically could do anything we wanted, like a CD cover, set of posters, advertising, book cover, anything really. That was good because we wrote our own brief and worked to our own time scale so really had to organise yourself.

I decided to do Point of sale illustration, which is stuff you get in shops, at the point of sale. Obviously. I decided to design new hang tags for Topshop, to be put onto the clothes. You know the tags with the price, size, barcode etc on them? At the minute they are black and very very boring. So I made some that are pretty :D

I decided to colour code the tags: one for each style of clothing. For example, skirts are green, jeans are blue, tops yellow... etc. This is because it puts each style into a visible group and is easier to find what you want in amongst the randomness which is Topshop's railing system. You know what I mean. Clothes are grouped together in sections of "This will look good with these jeans" and stuff, which is great, but I wanted to create a different visual system.

I'm pretty proud of them to be honest. I've stuck the copyright thing on because they're just THAT cool. Haha. So no stealin'. Unless you're from Topshop and want to give me lots of money for them. :)

That's all for today. The last one to go is my Editorial module. Then I can start rambling about lots of cool things!

1 comment:

Zari said...

hello Rachel! I'm you are feeling better and that you are back blogging! these illustration series is really cool! love them all!