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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Editorial Illustration

The last module I'm going to write about on here from Semester 1. This was the hardest module I think, each project had a turnaround of 3 weeks from ideas to final: a lot of pressure. I enjoy editorial illustration though, something nice about reading an article and coming up with an image to accompany it. Good job as well, it's going to be the best way to start out after I graduate - there's always work somewhere!

We did 4 projects over the space of the 12 weeks but I've made a massive amateur mistake and somehow lost one of them. Like, completely. No idea where any of the files have gone. I have an inkling I left it all on one of the Macs at Uni and they all got wiped over xmas. Gah. It was an illustration for an article about the british summer, I quite liked it. Anyway, here are the other 3:

'How to Mooch'

An article about the art of time wasting, quite a light hearted thing. I have to say, I don't love this. This is the problem with all my editorial pieces; the ideas are weak and the outcome is always safe. Probably due to the lack of time. Which isn't an excuse. I just think that all my editorial stuff never seems to be 'me'.

'Elevator to the Stars'

This was an article in New Scientist last October, about the theoretical possibility of building a space elevator to take things/people into space. I think it's ok, this one. I like the way it looks, just again, bit of a weak idea. Well, just a bit obvious.

'Message in a Bottle'

I don't think this was technically an editorial illustration. It appeared in a magazine but it was actually for a short story. So more Narrative illustration I reckon. Anyway, it was quite a good project. Basically about this woman who tries to drive home in floods and ends up in a river and nearly drowns, with this whole backdrop of a possible divorce because her husband is having an affair and all that malarky. So I decided to do a kind of conceptual, dark, murky illustration to match it. I think this is my favourite piece from the module. So there.

So what I mainly learned was that in all my future work, I need to start thinking harder and being cleverer with all my ideas, because these weren't all that amazing. Just a bit too obvious. Blah.

And that's the last of my Semester 1 work. Well, I had essays and all that but that's not fun enough to talk about. It doesn't seem all that much now. Hmph. Well it was. And I'm going to do better this semester; i'm in a better mental state so should be able to focus more.

I get my results on the 25th. First set of marks that go towards my degree! Omgzz. Yeah.

Recent Editorial Illustrations in 2009.

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