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Sunday, February 17, 2008

New York, New York!

Ahoy hoy. Yes, I have arrived back from my wondrous trip over the Atlantic to good ol' NYC. Actually I got back about 10 days ago but alaso my life is never pure and simple so I have been sidetracked lots. But I'm here to talk about some cool things I saw and stuff.

So it was actually my 3rd time being in New York, and every time I go I love it a little more. I am considering living there one day; not forever, maybe for a year or so, perhaps a little while after I graduate. I am suddenly full of this freedom these days that I need to get out there and explore. I won't use the word 'travel' because that sounds so gap year and like a waste of time. There are a few places in this world that I have so stay and suck in to myself otherwise I fear I'll lose parts of me that I haven't attained yet.

And so, yes, New York. It was a 5 day (so short!) Illustration/Vis Comms organised trip, although I use the term organised very loosely. We pretty much sorted out ourselves what we wanted to do when we got there, and having been before I feel quite comfy with the subway system (as dreaded as it is, oh give me the sanity of the Underground), so we set about getting up at 7am every day, doing EVERYTHING all day and then slumping into the nasty hostel bunk beds at about 11pm! My feet have never hurt so much in my life. It was worth it though, in those short days we packed it all in. The Met, the MOMA, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, a carriage ride round Central Park, Natural History Museum, a boat ride around the bottom of manhatten, cinema in Times Square,
and in amongst this I managed to spend over a $1000. Which is a lot of money for poor student me. I am in so much debt right now. But I bought some amazing things! Lots of books, clothes of course, an obscene amount on make up (Benefit, darling, only the best), no shoes though! I really wanted some Prada shoes. In my dreams. When I am rich I will skip down fifth avenue just like carrie bradshaw (I will be dressed better) in some kind of crazy shoes dreaming up of things to draw next. One day! Haha.

I am currently downloading all my NY photos to my home computer. It's taking a LONG time. I think I took around 300 photos? Crazy. Obviously I will just choose 5 or 6 to put here. Not 300. That would be silly. Ho hum.

I also need to upload some pages from my NY journal of random things I sketched etc but as I said I am at home at the minute and my journal is at Uni home. I am so organised. Bleh. But i will do that.

Hmmm. Photos still not finished uploading. Well I'll ramble quickly about my week and why I didn't do this NY post earlier. All was going well this week, it was Elly's aka Needleblossom (where is she aaaaaaah come back to online world Elly) 21st birthday on wednesday which was EXCITING, everyone had an awesome time and I may even put
a photo up here of how cool she looked. So yes, all was great, me and my housemates got back at 3am thurs morning to find our house had been broken into. Again. Major nastiness, it was so gutting. I really just couldn't believe that it had happened again, didn't take it in for a day or so I think. They'd smashed the back door and got in that way, my bedroom door was locked but they just broke the door down, we all got most of our expensive electrical things taken, laptops, ipods, you know the works. The house was a mess, it was so devastating.

So now we have to do the whole police, insurance, thing again. Joy. Fucking bastards. I hate them. It just makes you feel so unsafe in your own house. I can't wait to start looking for a new place for next year, far away! Maybe New York. Haha. Oh I wish.

Pictures not done still. I'm going to get some apple juice.

Right! All done:

This happy fella is a million year old fossil (or probably more) of a giant tortoise. Found him in the natural history museum. Looky. He's so happy. Geeeeee
The view from the Empire State Building at night. I have a history with this building. But it's all over now.

This is me being silly playing with the exposure times on my camera. I think it looks quite like a Monet. Haha. No but really, I do like it.

Another view from 'up there'. Prettiest place in the world.
The Blur of Times Square! Ah.

An orange bicycle we found on 5th ave. I have no clue. Wha.

Aw, we hear ya buddy. He was cool. Didn't approach him though, no way. Could be a murderer.

Me( far right), Carina (left) and Jenny (middle) on our lovely carriage in Central Park.

So there you go. I shall return in a few days with Uni illustration updates and more fun stuff.

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