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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coveting: Sweet treats from Punkypins

I just got an email from Punkypins, who are a great handmade jewellry company. It's all kitsch and mostly plastic, nothing high end here! But I love a lot of the stuff they do - I bought a crazy necklace from them a while back that's just crammed full of junk - plastic barbie combs, mini breakfast cereals, hats, guns, guitars, I think there's even a neon crucifix on it. Super random. It's great!

So imagine my glee when I see:



I know, right. HAPPY BAKED GOODS IN NECKLACE FORM. They're all pretty damn cute, and as an obvious choice I'd get the cupcake one, but the chocolate bourbon is so happy, and do you know what, chocolate bourbons do not get the credit they deserve. I think they are my favourite biscuit (see that wasn't hard was it, Gordon) but I never consider them as a viable addition to my accessory collection. Until now! See the whole biscuit tin here.

They're all £12 which is pretty good, even if they are just acrylic. Christmas list! :D

They also do a moustache necklace for all you facial hair obsessives ("Hold it up to your face for an older, more sophisticated look!") as well as many other creations.

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