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Monday, November 02, 2009

It's not a fashion statement, It's a deathwish.

Ah, Halloween. Literally my favourite celebration of the year. I even prefer it to birthdays sometimes, much more fun. Not sure if it beats Christmas though. Hmmm.

Hello, yes, silly pose, guilty.
I inevitably try and go for something more obscure every year, aiming to involve as much blood as possible. I can't be seen as something as drab as a witch/vampire/ghost, (don't you know who I am darling?) No but really, you have to be creative on Halloween, copping out with a shop bought outfit is laaaame. But that's me.
The bath was determined the safest place to chuck red liquid around.
So last year I went as Claire from Heroes, after being caught by Sylar and brain taken out and put back in. So basically a cheerleader covered in blood! And I like being covered in blood. So this year, I had to think of something equally as cute and horrific.

You know that cheesey chat up line 'Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?', well thank god no one's ever said that to me, but the answer this night was, 'yes of course it frickin did, there's blood everywhere, I'm probably haemorrhaging internally!!' Which is the only suitable answer.
I never figured out what I did wrong to be thrown out of heaven, probably coveted my neighbour's wife/oxen/plasma tv, but it hurt a lot and I had to drink tonnes of alcohol to make it better.
Little wings, lots of blood, messy room (not mine!)
All us girls made a proper effort, the lads were suitably boring and went as... 'lads'. Or, normals, pre-apocalypse. In my mind.

We all trekked (stumbled, giggled, marched, choose your verb) into town to Blast Off at Wolves Civic. It was epic, we rocked hard, my ribs hurt the next day = mission success.

The title of this post, btw, is the name of a My Chemical Romance song, from way back, and it's rather good. My Chem are the only band you should be allowed to listen to on Halloween. If I ruled the world.

They are quite definitely my favourite band and have occupied that spot for about 6 years now, and I did a little dance when I heard they are back in the studio recording their 4th album. Oh Em Fucking Gee. Ray says: “I think the direction of the new album is a perfect mix of what we did on Black Parade and what we did on Revenge. After Black Parade, we were ready for a more aggressive sound, similar to Revenge, but even harder. Because we had toured behind Black Parade for so long, we wanted to do the complete opposite of that this time out, almost kind of de-construct ourselves.”

Yes, oh yes.

1 comment:

Victoria Stitch said...

How weird I just listened to the whole MCR album just now! awesome awesome band defo one of my faves too! They help me to do my work quickly for some reason, must be the fast pacedness of the music, anyway loving ur hallowen costume!