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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Daily Ampersand Project: Days 11 - 15

Day 11's ampersand is American Typewriter - a font that came with my mac and confuses me slightly. Does that look like a letterform produced by an american typewriter to you? No. I thought it looked like a cats tail. So I made it into one with clever pencil use! Ta da.
Day 12's ampersand is another font I got off trusty, called JF Ringmaster. There's loads of variations of victorian/circus style fonts out there but this one caught me a bit. Reproduced in neon fineliner, it makes me happy.

Day 13's ampersand (lucky for some) is called 'Maximilian Antiqua' from dafont again. Nice typeface, this. Standard. So I created this one from a cutout of a magazine, Grazia actually. I felt bad for cutting her face up, so I gave some of it back to her.

Day 14 is Didot of course, good classic typeface. Thought it looked a bit like a well-to-do gentleman, and they always wear pinstripe suits and have moustaches. One for Movember, I think!

Disclaimer: Moustaches are cool, but not on an actual person. Because it's for charity, I'll let you off, but seriously, facial hair, never good. Unless it's stubble, even then, I'm not loving it.Day 15 was actually Halloween! But as I was out getting gazeeboed (I do hope you understand that reference) then... no drawing for me. This, I do believe, is Eccentric Std, and it's covered in goo. In felt tip! Yeah that's right, felt bloody tip. Rock on.

Only got a few more to do now and I'm caught up. Still haven't installed my scanner. Lazy.

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