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Monday, November 23, 2009

Coveting: Everything in Paperchase

Yes, it certainly is dangerous for me to approach Paperchase. I have a major stationery fetish, especially when coupled with bright colours/and/or cute characters. Massive weakness. It's the fresh virginal pages you see, I must possess them all.

Paperchase is of course everyone's favourite stationery shop, and I don't see how it can't be - every season they come out with the most gorgeous designs and it takes a whole lot of will power for me not to buy every single one of the beautiful notebooks that I have no use for, except to sit on my desk or in my handbag, emitting tiny rays of stationery sunshine.

Except I wandered in (was dragged by tractor beam) into the MK store yesterday, thinking I could beef up my christmas list with lovelies. Well I certainly did that. Let's start with the diaries:

A5 Day To View 2010 Diary. Pink Botanical Design £6
Love this one, such a pretty design, and that pink is ace. This almost went on my list but it's too fat in my opinion - as it's a day to a page, the actual diary is about 1.5" thick - not that handbag friendly really.
A5 Week To View 2010 Diary. Mirabella Design £7.50

Just a few of the various designs and shapes they currently have. And then I came across....

Uh huh. I emitted a tiny squeal and knew it was love. It's totally kitsch and childlike and unbelievably cute - but I just could not resist at all. Even the pages are so much fun, no boring 'straight lines' here, no sir. And to be honest, life can get pretty hectic at the best of times, especially in my case when trying to juggle a 'normal job' (which has it's perks) with freelance stuff, finding new creative work to get involved in and opportunities to give myself, as well as actual life like seeing my friends back in Wolverhampton, getting drunk, and obviously chilling out by watching a good film. Or X Factor. Or I'm a Celebrity. Or Neighbours.* You know. So as life gets crazy, it would be nice to open my diary and have a tiny smile at the absurdity of it.

*I don't actually pencil in diary time for Neighbours and the like. Honestly.

And you know me - food, with actual faces? You had me at smiley coffee cup.

So that's on my list, and I suspect dad has got it for me today in London judging by the 'trying to be sly while getting reminded of the design' phonecall earlier.

Before all this, I was considering getting a filofax/organiser style:

Which, ok, is probably more practical. That was my reasoning. And paperchase have some great designs. And I could be all organisational, like I love being, with a diary bit and a list bit and a phone numbers bit and whatever else. And I'd feel semi important with an organiser. Don't you think? Instant important-ness. 'Sorry, I've got a call on the other line. Oh yes, let me just get out my organiser....'

You know. In my mind.

But the 'food friends' design won me over so normal Rachel is having a normal diary....

Sticky notes! I do not need these. Nope. But I want them.
A7 notebook. The most useless size a notebook could ever be, but I have about 5 this size. So. Cute.

Ok, this is actually useful - it's a 'media case', it's £5, and I want a new digi camera for christmas. See where I'm going here?

Bag bag bag. Useful. Always useful. Always need more bags.

So yes, as we all know, Paperchase is crammed full of not just lovely notebooks but all manner of stationery and accessories you can think of. I can't keep listing stuff I love. There is however, one thing I don't love about Paperchase - their website and online shop, or rather, lack of it. The website has a few items on there, but if you want to buy, it takes you through to their Amazon Shop. Which is fine, it works, you know, job done, but as a consumer who loves to amble my precious time away gawking at everything in the shops, I would quite like to amble precious time away gawking at a beautiful website and online shop, all seamlessly moulded together. Maybe they'll sort it out. It's a minor thing but takes away from the experience, I suppose.

And so I bid you goodnight and good luck not spending anything in Paperchase this christmas.

Next I'll probably end up posting my entire christmas list. There's some good stuff on there!


Sian Louise said...

I'm exactly the same! whenever I go into Cardiff, my boyfriend always has to drag me out of there! I do have the pencil case with the food friends pattern on it, it is such a cool tin with three levels and was only £2.50! I love the blog Rachel, keep it up, Oh and thank you for bookmarking useful!

Bea said...

Hello! I was looking for Paperchase products and I found your blog! And I'm so dissapointed that I discovered this store my last day in London :( Unfortunately they don´t send products outside UK so I'm asking my boyfriend when is he taking me there again!
I´m becoming a follower of your blog so you'll see me around here!!
Kisses from Spain!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the kind words you guys!

That's a shame they don't send products outside of UK Bea, I didn't know that. They're certainly ace. I'll check out your blog too, thanks!

Bea said...

Hello Rachel!
You're wellcome if you want to visit my blog, altough it's only in spanish, I'm sorry :( If you want to know something feel free to ask!! :)

Someday I'll go back to London and I hope they'd still have the media case with happy food :)


Carina said...

I know what you mean about Paperchase I always go into any shop that is in my immediate proximity! There is a MASSIVE one here in Manchester and its like i can hear gospel music and angels as i walk in and argue with myself in my head what do i NEED to buy..before leaving with some cute stickers hehe. I recently broke my glasses case- seriously no idea how it happened but couldn't be happier. As you may well know Paperchase also have glasses cases in crazy colours and patterns too. So eventually I shall be getting a new case from them..Have i just added to your list now? hehe Great blog btw Rachel!

Rachel said...

Ah yes Carina! Except since posting this post I've had my doubts about them... did you not hear the uproar between Paperchase and Hidden Eloise (google it) about them ripping off her illustrations? I think twice about them now.

P.s thanks for comment about my blog, it's actually recently moved over to my domain, - go and subscribe over there because this will die soon :)