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Monday, January 18, 2010

Spreadin' myself around....

....Like the common illustration lady of the night that I am.

Just thought I'd better update with what I've been doing with myself in the past week or so since becoming unceremoniously unemployed. Aside from crying.


I've been on a massive self promotional push, basically.

  • I have just sent out 60+ self promotional postcards to Art Directors who I think would like my work. I wanted to send more but oh em gee stamps are expensive these days! 60 2nd class = £18. Now that's not a lot but I have many grand schemes in my head for cool self promotional mail outs (including badges woo) and I so don't have the budget yet. So I'm starting small and targeted, hoping I get a few nice clients who will give this talented graduate a break (heh) and then I can build my empire from there.

  • I've also been compiling a list of awesome design studios who might want to hear from me, looking for someone for a placement/tea maker. That could be me. The list is one thing, it's writing emails/sending cool stuff to them that will take time, I'm not the kind to do a generic 'dear sir' email, that's lame and never got anyone anywhere.

  • The piece-de-resistance is my super cool Mini Portfolio that I am going to churn out like a factory queen and send your way. That's more art directors (who I think need the extra effort to be impressed), and illustration agencies too. I would love to be represented by an agency and this is the way forward. Also any super cool studios might get one. Bear in mind they take an hour to make each. I'm spending all this evening doing some. They're cute though.

  • Applying to any placements in London that I know I'd be good at and applying lots. Even the unpaid ones (Boo). I have a thing against unpaid placements; I think it devalues the work and it's a joke that graduates have to work for free to be taken seriously in this industry. You either do the free placement or get nowhere. Sigh. But as I'm close to London right now and can sort of semi afford kind of to work for free a bit, I should do it. Because someone else will. And they'll get the awesome job.
Depressing news:

I didn't get the amazing placement at AMV.BBDO. This was upsetting. It was a 3 month, 3 day a week, paid placement, working in the Art Production Dept, helping out on all manner of daily tasks and sampling the life of a busy advertising agency. Basically my ideal job; I would have loved to have got it, and I would have gotten so much out of it. Anyway, turns out they're not taking anyone on! So at least it wasn't a rejection because I was rubbish. So there. Tres upsetting :( On the look out for more things.

There's a job going in Peacock's in Leighton Buzzard. Where I live. I really should apply. It's upsetting to work in retail when I've got so much potential but needs must. I can't be all high and mighty about it, I have to suck it up and do it because no one else is paying me right now.

A little help?

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