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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nonsensical Spam Project: Universal Truth

I've been getting more and more nonsensical spam now, which has given me much amusement. The latest comment I got was on This post, scroll down to read it. It literally had me LOL-ing, it's so ridiculous and yet faintly logical. This is the comment:

"The author of has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: eternal love lasts about three months Thanks for the info."
An oxymoron if I ever heard one, but quite possibly... true.

Click for larger.

So this is the illustration to accompany it. I felt the need to go slightly surreal on this one, with a sense of narrative behind it. The rabbit is actually taken from one of my photographs of New York from 2008, you can see it on this post.

It makes me feel a bit sad, and I like that.

1 comment:

Victoria Stitch said...

i really really like this esp the different fonts you've used ont he sandwich board. I looked at the original photo as well and it is sad! I feel sorry for that artist.