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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Illustration Dust Collective - Now featuring moi

Exciting news! I am now a part of Illustration Dust - a really exciting blog full of great illustrators, all showcasing their best work and getting much needed feedback from each other.

I am yet to post, but I have a couple of new illustrations that I have done so will put those up there in the coming week hopefully.

Go and check out the blog and all the other work up there!

I have written before about the importance of collectives and how I always hoped to join one; I think working in isolation isn't really conducive to creativity in the long run and it's very difficult to work on something by yourself for ages without any feedback from anyone else. This is what's great about the internet - even if you are physically alone in your workspace, there's always someone out there to contact. This is what I miss most about university; the ability to just turn roundto whoever in the studio and say, 'hey, does this look alright?'... for the time being I can only be a part time illustrator and when I am, it's just me in my loft.

Eventually I would love to set up a studio with some like-minded creatives (all from different disciplines mind, I believe that's the way forward) and all work together and seperately within a shared space. This may become a reality with my Immersion group - we are looking into using a pop-up space/empty retail space and what possibilities are out there. Exciting stuff. More in a few months, I'd imagine.

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