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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ads I love: Travelodge's Mr Sleep and the Zzz Squad

Now, clearly I'm a sucker for furry animals, but ones with an east london mafia theme and cockney accent? I'm so there.

Travelodge have come up with this great advert for the Zzz Squad, with some great lines in there. Also I do enjoy the shredded pillow and 'Lucky Frank' (not so lucky) on the front of the dustcart. There's some definite 'ahs' in that advert (especially Jon AKA Mad Dog) which I'm sure Mr Sleep would tell you to man-up or something.

Considering most hotel adverts are cheesey or have Lenny Henry in them, this is pretty out there, for hotel-land. Still gets across that you'll have a great nights sleep (apparently) as you'll be looked after by some cute mafia-types who will scare pigeons for you. Rock.

Here's travelodge's little page for you. I'll leave you with this:


baldmosher said...

The voice of the one reading the book has been bugging me all night. Whose is that voice?? It reminds me of something from my childhood. Maybe Bodger (of Badger fame)??

Rachel said...

Reading which book? You mean the voice over? I don't know, I do recognise it. Hmmm. Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

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