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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Coveting: Hybrid love-child trainers AKA Topshop's Triple Cut Out Peep Toes

Not quite sandals, not quite canvas pumps... these seem to be the strange twisted love child of both of them. Maybe they had an illicit affair and these were the result.

 I love them. And at £20, I'm pretty sure my budget can stretch to that. Check them out on Topshop online here - they also do black but I much prefer white. I'd quite like to get the ol' markers out as well and do a bit of colouring in on them as well actually.

I imagine they're great as transitional shoes (which I'm needing today - massive rain storms then bright sunshine? An outfit's worst nightmare!) because I live in flip flops most of the summer but sometimes need something a bit more sturdy. Like yesterday, I slipped down a couple of stairs in my shiny flipflops. Never good.

I'm going into the West End on thursday after work I think, so I'll hunt them down then. I hope they don't sell out (they are rather cheap...) and size 5 is pretty much the most common size! Damn me for having mainstream feet. I'm sure they have lots though.

Sorry for the lack of insightful, thought-provoking and riveting posts recently; I've discovered continuous blogging and a full time job don't mix. Not like Sandals and converse, oh no.


Victoria Stitch said...

oh those trainer/sandals are weird! never seen anything like them before, don't think i could pull them off!

Rachel said...

I know, it'll be a tough one. I usually wear tights so how would they look? I don't like the thought of bare feet inside them - sweaty. And I'm assuming socks would be a no-no. But then, maybe not. Socks and weird sandal trainers? Could be cool.

Walk The Sand said...

These are an amazing idea... would have to try the bad boys on first though.
Hope you had a great weekend.

Rachel said...

Thanks, yeah weekend was great. I tried these on last thursday - not great I'm afraid. Just didn't quite seem as magical as I'd hoped. More like a chunky sandal. I think if they were in pastel colours I'd get them - the black and the white is too harsh.