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Friday, June 18, 2010

Trend Watching: Animal Shape Clutch Bags

I've come across an interesting trend recently: Animal shape clutch bags! I know, amazing right? Firstly, I saw this post on Krisatomic's blog called Clutch Menagerie and just love love them. Check it out:

They are  by Tsurubride on Etsy and retail at $80. Check out Tsurubride's Orwell Clutch bags on Etsy here. She also does purses and other such wonderments.

Then yesterday I came across this amazing Dachsund Handbag via ArtatHeart:

Seriously cute. Click here for the original article about the Dachsund Handbag on ArtatHeart. It's made by Beetrootonline and is £85 - they also do a cute little birdy purse! Ah.

So what's sparked all this animal clutch-ness off then? Maybe it's that people are realising putting actual real dogs in your handbag is silly. And you get hairs all over your stuff. So a better option is to have your bag AS a dog. Excellent.

Or maybe it's this: These definitely wouldn't work as well if they had handles or straps. I think what makes these great is they could be mistaken for just holding a little stuffed animal. Which comes from the whole 'back to your childhood' trend going on right now. I am in favour of this.

The Domestic Sluts have just drawn my attention to this uh-mazing handbag:
Which, as they say in their Domestic Sluttery Bag Lust post, maybe only a child could pull off. Nay, I say to that, I would gladly pull this off and look crazy cool. If a little Gaga-esque. Which is never a bad thing in my books. Being a child has never looked so fun!

It's £65 from Lunacy Boutique and can be pre-ordered now for the end of June. I wannnnt one. *stamps feet*

Get on the wire and get your orders in! Aha. See what I did there.

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Victoria Stitch said...

i love love love the penguin one!