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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Semester 2: Children's Book Project

This was my least favourite module. I don't know what it is about Children's Book illustration with me; I love it when other people do it, when I do it I just...can't. Maybe I'm just weakest at sequential imagery. Maybe it's the way I've been taught to approach it. I don't know. I probably shouldn't give up on it yet though because it's a really worthwhile area to get into. I suppose I just need to find my niche. Anyway,
The Careless Boy:

This was all about featuring disabilities more in illustration. It's from this website, Children In the Picture, created by Scope, that the idea for the module came from. So we all had to choose a story where one of the characters had some kind of disability, and get it nto the book in a way that didn't make it an issue, yet still showed it in a subtle way. Which is a lot harder than it sounds. The character in my story, The Careless Boy, has EBD (Emotional Behavioral Difficulties), and throughout the story he begins to be more considerate and caring due to having a new friend.

I won't put up all 10 pages, here's a few good ones.

Page 1.

Page 3.

Page 7.

Page 9.

There was a front/back cover too but it's basically a coloured version of page 3 without the text.

Oh and yes, the brief was it had to be a rough, black and white version. I wasn't just being lazy.

All images copyright to me.

That's it for Semester 2. Except the mammoth doorstop which was my dissertation research. More on that in probably October time.

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