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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BBC website Error 404

This is random, I know. I was just going onto radio 1's website and I typed it in wrong or something. Anyway the 404 message comes up (what exactly is a 404 message anyway, what happened to 403 and 405?) and look:

It's got the little clown with his chalkboard saying 404! Do you remember him? He used to be with the girl, when BBC stopped broadcasting at night or something went wrong, it was super old school and then seeing it like this made me laugh. They actually went to the trouble of doing that, instead of just saying '404 error'. I think that's really cute! Awesome.

I told you it was random.

1 comment:

Jonze said...

Thats cool :P That clown doesn't look so terrifying on the nice web page as he would on a tv late at night!!

Theres a whole list of funny 404 pages here: