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Monday, September 28, 2009

Crispin Finn's 2010 Wall Planner

Here's something lovely. I first heard of Crispin Finn when Grafik Magazine gave away a copy of their 2009 wall planner, probably around the beginning of this year. It's stayed lovingly on my wall for most of the year (I've lived in 3 different rooms so far this year, so it's been up and down) and I have to admit, I haven't actually written on it. It's just too nicely designed and pure and organised that it doesn't deserve to have my random, very un-designed, scrawl all over it.

And I know the point of a planner is to like, plan things. Not just look pretty. But then, that's what I've got my awesome moleskine diary for, and that's certainly been written all over. A lot.

So this new one seems even better. What's that? Embossing? Mmmmm.
And the fonts in this one are still so retro/modern (if that exists), I wonder what they are. And the way it says 'twenty ten' in that lovely way... just pure genius.

I'm glad they've stuck with the red and blue too, I know it's their branding colours but the two are just so pleasing together. Very friendly. I don't look at my wall planner and go 'Omg, 3 days til deadline' or 'Omg, only 3 months til the end of this year' or anything frightening like that, I look at it feel a bit calm and lovely. Also, I'm glad that the 2010 version has the weekends highlighted because this year's didn't. Although, weekends didn't mean a lot to me when I was a student, I worked all the time and partied all the time.

It's hand screenprinted too which is impressive, '2 colour screenprint on 120gsm 100% recycled white colorset' apparently. Recycled! Oh wall planner, is there nothing you can't do?

AND it comes in this brown paper bag. Which is screenprinted. Pure design porn. *fans self in melodramatic way*

I discovered this through a post over on Creative Review and the images are all taken from Crispin Finn's site. I couldn't find any images of last year's (2009's) one on t'internet, so here's a shot of mine:

It didn't have January, the Grafik version. Maybe they sent it out in January. Anyone know if the real version had january? Also, it's early evening so there's shadows being cast on it, strangely annoying. See what I mean about it staying virginal? Silly me. And the lack of not knowing if it's a weekend or not. Yes yes, I do believe next year's design is better than this year's. Ah.

I really hope Grafik give the new one away again for next year. Otherwise, it's going on my christmas list. (Although for £10 you can't actually go wrong, maybe I'll just buy it now.)

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