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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Look what dropped through my door....

Do you remember, a while ago I posted about the loveliness of Crispin Finn's screenprinted 2010 wall planner? And I was coveting it madly, but even refraining from buying it in London because of my (relative) poverty?

Well I got an unexpected and awesome email from Crispin Finn, saying they saw said post and wanted to thank me for talking so enthusiastically about the wall planner, and thought they could help my overdraft by sending me one!

Enter grinning Rachel!

It's uber lovely. It hurt me slightly to rip the sealed paper to open it, but here it is! It's not on my wall yet as it isn't 2010 and I'm sure that's bad luck or something.

So thanks Crispin Finn! My overdraft thanks you ^.^

I actually got this in the post last week sometime, but have been so busy that there hasn't been any blogginess at all. As you can see. Working in retail at Christmas = tiredness. On a better note, said overdraft is reducing ever so slightly every week, even after succumbing to sparkly dresses in River Island. Well, it is Christmas. You gots to have sparklies. Might be out of parent's house, I dunno, in the next year? Lol....*

*Not actually Laughing Out Loud.

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