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Monday, February 01, 2010

Mail Me Art Two - My submission

Having missed the first Mail Me Art, I vowed I would get involved with the second one. It's such a simple concept but it's got so many participants from around the world, and it's not often that people get involved with something just for the reason of being involved in something creative and unique and fun.

The idea is to send art in - with the rule that the envelope/box/whatever is the art. You can put something inside it if you want, but the art mustn't be covered up as it travels through the postal service. I like the idea of things picking up marks and dirt and stickers etc along the way. There are some really amazing designs in there, with a lot of thought put in. Mine is something a bit simpler, done on an A4 envelope. I almost got crazy with fabric etc but time caught up with me and then the deadline approached. Which is today. So I sent it off last friday, hoping it's there now.

I decided I wanted to use my lonely artist bunny; it just seemed a good way of holding the address. Bit of graph paper and doodly sky, and there you go. One piece of mail art. Was fun to do something for nothing, and no photoshop neither, nice nice.

The bonus of Mail Me Art is that the best entry every month wins some sort of prize; I'm not holding my breath there though, as you can see from the gallery, entries are tres good. Also, I hope there'll be another exhibition, that would be good. We shall see!

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