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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally jumped on the tweetwagon...

I've been debating joining Twitter for a long time... I was always interested but I don't have internet on my phone (way too expensive) so didn't see the point if all I could do was update from my laptop "rachel is on the internet", not very interesting is it.

Anyway, I've finally given in. I've seen the benefits of it in a professional setting, I've seen the curses of being addicted to it, weighed up the pros and cons and thought I may as well sign up. When I get mobile internet it'll be a lot more useful, although I'm trying to figure out how to set it up so I can text my updates to it. If anyone knows how then let me know.

So you can now follow me on Twitter at: rachillustrates - I wanted rachelsayshello of course but that was taken :( so whoever that is, isn't me. Rachel Lewis the official illustrator = rachillustrates. Subscribe to my Tweet feed. Awesome. Come and stalk me.

1 comment:

Winnie said...

I'm always on and off twitter...but I have just started following you!