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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winners of 2009 Penguin Design Award announced!

I've been looking forward to this!

If you click here you can see all the winners and highly commended/shortlisted people. They were right, the standard of the work is so high, a lot of these covers are amazing.

Well done to Peter Adlington who won 1st Prize and the coveted 6 week placement at Penguin... I really like his design and it's definitely deserving. I'm tres jealous, lol.

Great colours, and very graphic, that's what I'd call it. So modern it looks retro, if that makes sense, and very ambiguous. Great title font too. Niiiice.

Here are my pick of my faves from the selection:

Edward Essex (what a great name) joint 3rd place:
I love the black and white of this, really striking and it feels very busy and manic, but in a good way - reflects the book really well. Great style.

Ben Cain - Highly Commended:

I'm a sucker for inventive use of type and this one pleases me greatly. Really simple execution but a strong idea, I bet this guy played around for hours getting this perfect. Love it.

Sara Mulvanny - Highly Commended:

Really nice illustrative style, good to see something not so 'designy'. Deers seem to have cropped up a lot in these covers (including my own - well we did read the book, you know) but this one seems to have used it the best. Nicely eery and really great type treatment, love those muted colours.

Sonia Poli - Shortlisted:

Again, hand rendered type always goes down well with me, especially massive type that take up nearly the whole cover. This just struck me as understated and simple, but really strong. Ah, there's the good ol' deers.

Sarah Prismall - Shortlisted:

This one is great, I love the geometric shapes and the pure white background, feels really clean and modern. I'd definitely pick this one up on a shelf. I'd perhaps have made the title larger though, or not centre aligned. That's just me though.

(All these images are taken off the Penguin Award website, copyright to their original designers.)

And of course you can see my entry here. It's so exciting finally having it up there, yay! :D

I'm going to the Awards evening next week, I can't wait! I will of course update here with how it goes.

I've been super busy recently so haven't been able to update as much, let alone draw anything. Silly me. I want to do a couple of new Editorials next week, I've found a few good articles so I'll make sure I do that. Also, I got offered a new job today which I'm so happy about, no more being on the dole for me! It's a good number of hours and it means I can finally like... buy stuff. Haha. Omg maybe I can finally replace my holey jeans :O

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