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Friday, July 03, 2009

D&AD New Blood 2009 - Roundup part two - Other stands and ShellsuitZombie

First up, I want to apologise because I went around snapping photos of stands/work i liked and completely forgot to write down where each one came from. What a silly. I'd love to know though so comment if you recognise any unis or people. This is another reason why I should get an iphone. You can write notes. Sigh.

I loved this one - using the brown paper to rip away and reveal the work underneath. It really struck me and made me remember them. Definitely showed our stand up - I wish we had input into how it looked and not just our tutors deciding how to exhibit our work, there were so many better ways and things we could have done. Oh well. Nothing we could have done.

Excellent quote, made me think.

I absolutely love book art like this - it's fascinating and must have taken hours. I love the little mini ones! :D

As I mentioned before, our stand was opposite ShellsuitZombie, who are a cool bunch helping new graduates, promoting hot new work, etc. Their stand was fun and random and cheered me up through the long hours standing around in the heat and aching legs.

Matt Dent, (who did the coins) popped over and set a graphic design brief for a few unis to take part in, that was pretty cool. I wanted to say hello to him but didn't have anything to say except 'I like coins innit you're quite pretty lalalala bye' so didn't. Haha.

On the last day of the show, weds 1st July, I was meant to go to 8x8 to see lots of designers talk and I was very much looking forward to it. But the tube trains succumbed to the heat and I got stuck in a zillion degrees in the circle line so missed it. I was not happy. At all.

On a better note, that day I also had my portfolio review with Chris Rain from Airside - that went reeeaally well, hopefully I can keep in touch for advice etc, he said lots of nice positive things about my work which gave me a real boost :)

I met a few other people who I got great advice from throughout the few days and generally solidified my career direction in my head a lot more - I'm going to focus on applying for placements and illustration commissions and just do a little bit everyday to make sure I get there :)

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