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Sunday, July 12, 2009

La Roux & Dan Black @ Camden Roundhouse - iTunes Festival

Last night I went to see La Roux play at Camden Roundhouse, with Dan Black supporting, as part of iTunes free London festival going on all July. What an awesome night! Getting free tickets to a gig is nice enough, even better that I love La Roux, and once I'd found someone to come along with me, (cheers Kylie, saved the day!) we had ourselves a great little night out in London town :)

Fern Cotton and Dave Berry were there presenting for itv2, how special:

Me and Kylie getting a bit sweaty in the crowd, ah fun times:
So as I said, Dan Black was supporting, I hadn't really heard much of his stuff before, checked him out and like what little I heard, but he was immense! Really enjoyed his set, we were dancing and bobbing along, first time I've enjoyed a largely unknown support act for a long time. His music is what I'd describe as Electropop mainly, little bit of an indie feel (actually, I detect a slight early Radiohead feel, in a good way) and a slight leaning towards the melancholy in his lyrics, as well as entirely danceable, which means he gets a thumbs up from me! Loved it, I'm definitely going to get his album when I have some cash.

Nice set, very neon/brightly lit/crazy. Also, if Jesus was a rocking post-indie keyboard player who likes to go a bit mental, he would look like this:

So then La Roux came on, and I have to say I think I enjoyed Dan Black a bit more. He seemed to have much more energy... although I really like La Roux's style and songs, and she hit pretty much every note perfectly, I just didn't feel as invigorated as I thought I would. Having said that, when Going in For the Kill and Bulletproof came on, everyone rocked out a bit more and it felt really good to do some crazy dancing. She had an amazing jacket on though, not entirely sure if you can see it properly, but it was white and had no lapel, with massive plastic gems on. Sooo cool. She's a bit stylish, that girl.

A really great saturday night! Ace to be back in London (again woohoo), I'm making a pleasant habit of this.

Lastly, the road opposite the roundhouse is called Crogsland Road. Which I found hilarious and I don't know why. Crogsland. Heeheee.

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