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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recipe Look

I was told about this site aaages ago by Tom, the creator of Recipe Look, when he commented on an old post about my illustrated recipe book.

I then went 'that's a really great idea for a site!' in my head, and then... didn't do a lot about it. But my illustration yesterday about the muffins I made reminded me about it, and when I had a little look again, it's going really strong.

Here's what it's all about:

"Are you fed up with normal recipes and their pesky, text based formats? Do you want to see some life breathed in to your lunchbox inspiration, some spectacle in your spatchcock chicken? Recipe Look is here to save you supper time. It’s packed with interesting food ideas and they’re all drawn out by hand, so you can easilt see what you have to do. What’s more, you have the chance to make your own ‘recipe look’ and send it in to us. We’ll simply make it the right size and stick it on the site; you’ll be famous in minutes!"

Which I think is a great idea - I do love food illustration and illustrated recipes and it's really inspiring to see loads of recipes submitted from all over, as well as how people are drawing them - the idea is to use the least amount of words as possible so the recipe comes across purely in the drawing.

This is the most recent one from the site, sent in by orboc:

So that's the basic idea. I'm going to email the muffin recipe in so you might see it up there soon.

It would be nice to have coloured/arranged the recipe in Illustrator as doing something hand drawn never comes out exactly the way you wanted it to. But I am still Mac-less and have only MS Paint at my disposal. Yeah... not ideal.

Soon. Hopefully. Probably not :(

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