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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sketchbook Magazine

"Sketchbook is a new quarterly magazine that showcases established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design and culture with a focus on features, photography and illustration.

Featuring original sketchbook graphics, exclusive interviews with scientists in jelly and photographers in Africa, we present our finds in a raw and exposed fashion. In Sketchbook, itís not just about the product itself, but also about the beauty of the process of conceptualization, creation and appreciating the means to an end.

Sketchbook aims to provide an entrance into the minds of switched-on, aware and intelligent creatives and inspire those who wish to be part of such an innovative industry."

I came across this magazine a couple of weeks ago, through Style Bubble. The first issue has a feature on her, all about fashion bloggers, and that's a drawing of her on the cover. It seems like a really great new indie publication - I like the emphasis on original sketchbook drawings, illustration and photography.

I love the cover as well, detailed pencil drawings like that just always look so good. I can't find who did it, great work though.

I was talking about fashion blogging and illustration coming together the other day so this carries on from that - it's interesting to me that fashion is really starting to embrace illustration again. Without going into too much history, illustration originally played a key part in fashion; until photography came along, the fashion shoot was invented and fashion illustration dropped into the 'decoration' category, or was kept under lock and key in designer's concept sketches. It's only really David Downton who has kept the genre alive and as a contender to photography. So its good to see culture magazines like this coming along who don't feel that fashion can only be captured by photography.

Have a look at the Sketchbook Magazine site - it's still fairly new - there's images taken from the first issue and not much else yet really. There's all the contacts though and they're looking for contributors. So this is something I must do, definitely.

I don't think the first issue is out yet - at least I'm not sure where you can buy it from yet. I'll post when I know.

So I need to get back on top of doing outfit illustrations as well. Now that I'm home I can use my parent's scanner (joys) so expect sketches and such to be occuring again. Huzzah :)

Also, on the subject of clothes, I'm overwhelmed by the amount of unpacking I have to do - how is it possible that I own this many?? I have 2 chests of drawers, a wardrobe, all pretty much full, and I STILL have 2 massive suitcases of clothes that I haven't unpacked yet. And let's not even start on shoes. I think here lyeth 75% of my student loan over the 3 years, you know. Clothes, clothes, clothes. I even gave 2 massive bin bags to charity and I still have so many. But I can't part with most of them, it's always that 'oh but I might wear this one day...'

Such a hoarder, me.

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