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Monday, February 01, 2010

Selfridges M.O.S.T - Museum Of Small Things

I heard about this via The Brighter Sparks blog (which is good, btw) and it's instantly caught my imagination.

It's a new exhibition in the Selfridges Ultralounge in London, running from 5th february to 7th march. Visit the Museum of small things blog to have a look at some behind the scenes preparations, and to read what it's all about:

"The Museum of Small Things inspires visitors to look, then look again, at the world they inhabit. They are shown how to discover the details they so often overlook...Exhibits range across ideas and images, to objects and goods, detritus and treasures. In order to view the exhibition, visitors need be actively engaged. They must focus in order to see. They encounter reflections, magnifications, optical illusions, artificial façades and hidden doors. A succession of spaces will entertain the eye, the brain and the senses, inviting the visitor to discover the power of small things when they are properly seen."

It's a good concept, and one that's really intriguing to me. The idea that some things are too subtle to compete with advances and inventions in a culture where only bigger is best... but that the smallest things can be equally, if not more amazing. I suppose there are undertones of a commentary on the way we live our lives now - more and more digitally, constantly on the look out for the next big thing, whether it be an iPad, this season's colour trend, HD, now 3D telly (yeah, I know, just wait for hologram telly...) etc, when really, the most amazing things can be a spiderweb covered in frost, or a kind piece of advice from a stranger, or just getting blind drunk with your friends. We need to appreciate the small things!

"Objects on show at the smallest of small exhibitions include subtle gems, jelly slogans, deitity inspired headgear and a dictionary inspired installation. Modern masterpieces are on display with images, arts, crafts, moving pictures and treasures all taking their place amongst the labyrinthine exhibition. The artists are inviting you to step inside the Museum of Small Things at Selfridges and get lost in the wonder of it all. " From

I just love tiny things. Most people who know me know this. I got over excited in Paperchase the other day when I saw teeny tiny enevelopes and writing paper. Or when I see mini tea cups. Or tiny food, that's always a good one. So I'm hoping I'll enjoy this exhibition.

I'm popping into London this friday, which is a bit of luck as it's the first day it's opening. So I'll be sure to post a review. I'll be doing a focus group in the morning, pop over to Selfridges (not buy anything. seriously. unemployed. must not), then I might actually go to Tate Modern as the Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde exhibition opens the day before and that's full of all things De-Stijl related. All those movements around that period of history were fascinating to me, Bauhaus, Futurism, etc etc, takes me back to my college days that does. So I'll review that too, seperately.

Anything else ace to do in London right now? Might visit a cupcake-bakery. Eating cupcakes on your own is dull though. Hmm. Suggestions?


Victoria Stitch said...

you could go see the cambridge school of art graduation exhibition for the childrens book illustration ma. it's on at the illustration cupboard:

Rachel said...

That's a really good idea, I might just do that! Thanks :)