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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More 1st Year Work...

This lot is stuff I mainly did in my second semester. I think I improved a lot this time round. Right...

This is a screenprint I did for my printmaking module... I love printmaking and I think this looks uber cool ^.^ It's meant to be punk-neon-awesomeness pop art styleee. Yeah. It's an edition of 4 and so if anyone wants to buy one, then you can... limited edition and all that. The original size is A2 ish, so quite large. As always you can click on the picture and you 'll get a larger version.


This cute little fella on the right is a cow that's been shot in the head... badly. So he didnt die first time like they're supposed to. Basically this was a piece I did for an american story about memories people have and stuff. So I went the abstract weird route... the story was set around the cold war/nuclear threat era hence the planes and bombs, and the map of korea... I'm really pleased with this one and it didn't take me very long at all. It's basically a collage, but all the pieces were put together digitally instead of being physically stuck down. I think that's my favourite way of working - I love hand making collages but also like the freedom that you get with photoshop of resizing things and getting everything just right. Hurrah.


The colours on this one have gone very weird... it's perfectly fine on my computer but as soon as I upload it to blogger it has this weird cyan/orange thing going on. Which is quite disheartening. So just try to imagine it with nice dark blues instead of those crazy colours ok? This was for the concept of 'Sleep', we had a small sentence to work from, just about this girl who is lying on her side in a cold room. The final piece is just watercolour and ink, layered using photoshop. It's not a great illustration but at least it fulfils the brief.

Right then, these 6 images are my favourite of the whole year I think. If youknow the book 'Everything is Illuminated' (Author escapes me) then this is where they're from. (It also got made into a film with Elijah Wood in it. Possibly.) There is a passage in the book about a bird flying through a window at the wake of a woman's dead son. It's all very metaphorical and strange.
So I did this very surreal take on it, Tim Burton-esque style. The original images are all A3, hand inked, and they took me aaages. Like 5 hours each. Then I didn't do much digitally, just added the red curtains. The bird was a digital collage.
I am proud of me ^.^

This last image is one of the 6 children's characters I had to create... most were poo (I am so bad at character illustration) but I quite like this one.

It's basically just shapes on photoshop. Would have done it on illustrator as I'm sure it would look even better, but... I need to learn how to use Illustrator. One of the things I need to do over summer yes.

He's rather cute though :D

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I loved the cow collage, awesome stuff!