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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Work done for 1st Year of Uni

So I thought I'd better post images of the work I did this year... only things that I'm really happy though. This lot is about a third of the total I produced this year.
This is an editorial illustration I produced in the first semester; actually this is the first piece of work I finished for Uni. It was for an article called 'How To Look' about how people look but don't really see things. For the first piece I did at HE level I'm quite happy with it. The hands could've been better I guess.


These were produced for a book cover project, for the penguin book "The City". I did two versions, one for day and one for night. I'm quite pleased with it except for the fact that the buildings are supposed to spell out 'The City' but I guess it's not all that clear.


This narrative sequence was produced for a passage from a Franz Kafka short story ( I think) called 'Passers-by'. I'm quite proud of these four as they've got a nice atmosphere about them.

This was a CD cover I produced in the second semester, for a Friends of the Earth CD raising awareness about Climate Change. This one was really fun to do as I love making collages, and the style fit the design really well.

The pictures aren't great quality, sorry, but don't want people stealing good quality copies of my work do we :P

I have some character designs that I did, I'll post them at another time.

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1 comment:

Nidaa said...

Wow ur stuff is soo awesome i love it!

I might have to see if i can bribe u to do something for me over the summer lol

Keep up the good work hun