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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New stuff, awesome happenings, etc

I've been working on my sustainability/mobile phone project a lot recently, it's really coming along. I'm doing a mini branding/advertising campaign, as if it were for the charity Together, which helps people fight climate change. A made up brief but I'm basing it around them because I like what they do. The posters I'm doing are being made as if they'll be displayed in the London Underground; 6 escalator posters that you see as you go down into the tube, giving you first exposure to the campaign and intriguing people with the imagery. A big 16 sheet poster across the tracks on the platform that ties all the visual links together and encompasses what the campaign is about, and then a tube car poster with more text on to explain exactly what the campaign is and what you can do about it. So a coherent campaign that you are exposed to as you travel on the underground.

The campaign is to encourage 16-25 year olds to consider whether they really need to upgrade their phone to the latest model, for the sake of the environment. Using the device of retro/vintage is cool, keep your old phone if it still works, etc etc.

So far I'm working on the escalator posters, these are 3 that are nearly done:

There's going to be 3 more, imagine them in a series as you go down the escalator. No thieving! :)

Other exciting stuff:

After the disappointment of not being accepted into the RCA for my masters ('twas a long shot I know), I found out yesterday that I have an interview at St Martins! Which I'm so pleased about because I really want to go there. The course looks so great. So that's exciting/tres scary.

Also, I now have a website! Well, I bought a name. There's nothing on it yet. But there will be! It shall be immense. Or something. That's my May project; once I've handed in all my Uni work, I'm building that, in time for the Degree shows. I really like the address, it's going to fit well with the branding ideas I'm coming up with for myself.

I'm submitting my Penguin Design Award entry this week; I'll be posting the final image on here this weekend hopefully. It's driving me crazy though, all these minute little details that I still can't get quite right. But it's 99.9% done.

Um, I think that's it right now. Oh we had a lecture this morning by the guys at Nolan|Ross (ooo I figured out how to do the | thing!) who are a cool little multi-talented design company. They do loads of stuff, have a look. It was nice to see past students doing well for themselves, gives me hope! :)

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