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Monday, June 22, 2009

British Grand Prix 2009: Friday Practice

Well I had an awesome weekend, as you know, I'm a huge fan of Formula 1, so it was so amazing of my parents to take me to the Friday Practice sessions of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone last friday, 19th June. Had such a great day! It was a shame we couldn't afford the saturday qualifyers or the race on sunday, but I have 0 moneys (hooray for graduating in a recession) and my parents are in roughly the same boat as they've had paycuts and all that jazz. So we had to watch it on telly. Anyway; friday was still a treat and we got to see all the cars and drivers and a bit of GP2 and Formula Renault and Formula BMW too.

It was ridiculously loud.

You really don't appreciate it on the telly, but the roar of those engines are deafening. And they do this strange little pop when they gear shift which you don't hear on telly too.

My camera is 7mp and not great... so I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity of these:

No idea if that's Hammy or Kovaleinen; can't really see the colour of the helmet from here.

That's Button 'cos he's got the red bit on the top. This was in the last 10 minutes of the second practice session, Webber clipped a curb or something and his car just died. So he took a (slightly annoyed) walk through the crowd, which was nice. Can you see him? Next to the guy with the stupid Union Jack shorts.

The actual race on sunday was good and I'm glad Vettel won - he's such a happy guy, I can't begrudge him (even if he is German...) :P
Webber did well to get 2nd too, I really hope he wins soon, he definitely deserves it.
Tough luck to Button though, would have been so good if he won this weekend - wasn't to be though, 6th for him. And Hamilton continues his terrible run with another non-scoring place. I feel bad for him actually, he does try so hard. Maybe next year they'll give him a half decent car again.

Aside from that, I just chilled out at home with the 'rents, came back to Wolves last night and started my new admin job today! First day went well :)

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