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Monday, June 01, 2009

Awesome ways of saying hello

Well, I think it's awesome. My business cards turned up last friday, they are pretty damn cool. I used who turned them around in 5 days, and are environmentally friendly - only using FSC certified or 100% recycled stock. Naturally I went for the recycled of course, and they look ace. You can see the flecks in it as well which I love. They use Revive recycled paper, i'm super pleased with how they look. AlocalPrinter is a great printer actually, I recommend them, and it seems it's no more expensive to print on recycled paper than normal paper, and the quality is excellent.

There's way more than this, I had the massive urge to chuck them all in the air, just for the crack. Luckily, I didn't.

The design on the front of each card.

I printed them single sided, as I planned to use a stamp that I had ordered to stamp the back of each one - this was for 2 reasons, firstly it worked out cheaper and I can use the stamp again and again for future promotional materials, and secondly, it gives it that handmade quality, which is really important to me. It's going to take ages to do them all though... I'm working in short shifts lol. Stampy stamp stamp.
Each business card is then going to be put into one of these small envelopes, which I die cut with a speech bubble cutter (can you tell that 'hello' and speech bubbles are my branding thing? hehe)... except that using that cutter is so painful after a while, oh the things I do for my art....
And it means I get left with literally hundreds of these cut out speech bubbles. They look cool but not a clue what I'm going to do with them.... any ideas would be appreciated! (confetti at a wedding? maybe? who knows....)
And so the die cut hole lines up with the 'hello' on the card... isn't it lovely :) I like them a lot, and it was relatively inexpensive for the whole thing... all 500 done with envelopes and everything for about £60. Which is nice. Considering whether they need anything extra on the envelope... hmmm.

I plan to get badges and/or stickers made up, to put inside the envelopes as well for the D&AD New Blood exhibition... didn't have time to get them done for this friday though, unfortunately.

Also, I've got my promotional postcards back from the printer too, which will be there to take at my degree show. They too look cool. Hurrah! :D :D


melda said...

They're looking so good! I love the envelope idea, makes you want to pick them up and look inside.
Plus its just cute :)

I should be going to see the New Blood Exhibition, so I will look out for you and the speech bubbles.

Anonymous said...

Winnie said...

These look really awesome. I can definitely imagine how painful it is after punching out all those speech bubbles!

PurpleSparkleBright said...

They look absolutely gorgeous! As for the leftover speech bubbles, you could use them to make a necklace with or perhaps get people to write, in one word, what they think of your work at the exhibition on each one and then place them with some other things perhaps between sheets of laminating plastic and laminate them into a piece of window art.

Lata said...

hi there :)
greetings from Jakarta Indonesia.. hope i'm not bothering you here :)
I like your beautiful blog here :)

Winnie said...

The shorts were from Topshop but from quite a long time ago now so don't think they have them anymore!