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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Illustration Degree Show 2009!

Today was the final day of our week-long degree show. It went really well and our work looked great - we are definitely an eclectic bunch! We all got loads of great feedback and on the Private View I overheard many people saying how good this year's illustration work is ^.^ hurrah!

You can have a look at the spangly 2009 Degree Show Website where a lot of us have work up. (Visual Communications > Illustration > )

Unfortunately, I was over-excited mess of glee at the Private View and I forgot to take any photos until we hit Oceana... which is no help to anyone. Luckily, my dad did, so these are all his photos. I'm going to see if Tom has any from the actual night and if he'll let me put any up later.

Edit - Tom kindly sent me some photos so here are a few of us enjoying ourselves greatly:

Click on people's names to go their websites.

Tom Ellis:

Tom is amazing at building set designs, prosthetics, freaky 3D stuff basically. He then photographs his characters in his sets to create narrative illustrations. As you can see he's a bit macabre, but a super awesome guy and my shot-drinking buddy on many a student night in Oceana!

Iain Garbett:

Yes, this is me ^^^ Oh the wonders of Photoshop...!

Jenny Smith ^
Danielle Brady ^

Iain works mainly digitally, these are all adverts for a make up brand, with a heavy fantasy theme. I think they look awesome. The models are us illustration girls - Me, Danielle, and Jenny, and the photos were taken by one of my really good friends Henry, also graduating this year from the Photography course. He doesn't really do fashion photography (he's more into war and destruction actually...) but it was cool of him to help Iain out with this.

Danielle Brady:

These are some album covers that Danielle did, using photograms. Really nice work.

Jenny Smith:

I love Jenny's work, she has two sides to her - Fashion illustration, which is mainly hand drawn and quite free and lucid, and her children's illustration, which is done on Illustrator, she's designed some baby clothes and also a couple of children's books. Really pretty stuff.

Carina Stylianou:

Carina uses found imagery and textures and collages it all together in sometimes-surreal way. She did a few book spreads and images for calendars, she's going back to Cyprus soon though so any Cypriot art directors out there, snap her up!!

Matt Clarkson:

I don't really know a lot about Matt as he didn't really come in to Uni like... ever. But his work is good, what I've seen of it.

Alex Marchant:

Alex does a lot of narrative illustration, she has quite a unique style, I don't know if she has a website or anything though =/

Pete Dunbar:

Pete's style is totally handrendered, very satirical-based. Definitely inspired by Ralph Steadman and the like. He's amazing and never touches Photoshop (as he doesn't know how) and I think that's cool.

Peter Tinkler:

You should definitely check out (the other) Pete's work, he's ridiculously good at drawing people and painting and general awesomeness. He'll go far. This work is a series of editorial illustrations for a group of famous people - from Fidel Castro to Bob Dylan.

A bit more Pete Dunbar, Kim Price, and Suriya Chadwong:

(From left to right) Kim does fashion based and children's illustration and Suriya's work was based on anti-war posters and CD covers.

And last but not least....


These pictures are of my sketchbooks that were on display in one of the cabinets, I filled it with awesome retro stuff like lego, floppy disks, cassettes, VHS's, nokia phones... fun times. It's to link in with my 'Retro is the way forward' mobile phone project ^.^
Here I am! And in true Winnie aka DiamondCanopy form: tutu skirt (topshop) tshirt (primark) bag which you can't see (primark) and AWESOME SHOES THAT YOU CAN'T SEE THANKS DAD!! :( (new look) damn it. They were blue and awesome. Sigh.

Also, this is not the most flattering photo ever. How did I put on so much weight? I blame 24 hour asda and alcohol. And myself. Haha. That is one thing I will not miss about being a student. Health-tastic exercise plan, here I come.

Edit - Here's a slightly better photo, you can see my bag and shoes now yay:

Mum checks out the portfolios.

So there we are. Hopefully Tom got some good photos so I might stick them up here soon.

Well done to everyone who is now a BA (Hons) official amazing illustrator type person! Yay aren't we special. Everyone's worked so hard, it's really sad it's all over. Can't believe it :(

The rest of the degree show throughout the building was excellent too, well done if you managed to see it, we are quite talented in Wolves it would seem.

Next: D&AD in London! See you there.....


Jonze said...

Wow, I love your work! Very nice indeedy :D And your outfit rocks! That corsage is awesomness.

P Tinkler said...

Thanks for the positive words on my work there Rachel, its given me a much needed boost. : )

Rachel said...

No worries Pete, hope everything's good xx