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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Harvey Nichols window in The Mailbox, Birmingham

On saturday I took the train back up to ye olde Midlands (as is customary for me) for a friend's birthday. It was at The Mailbox in Birmingham, which for those who have never been, is very nice. High end shops, with restaurants and bars. You are led there from New Street by abstract lines in the floor:

Which join from sporadically-placed lamposts. Honestly. It's pretty weird, but nice, you definititely don't get lost!
It's also very pretty, especially later on in the dark; this is the walkway up to The Mailbox. Pretty.

So when I came across the Harvey Nichols window, I loved it. They've got the safari theme going on, but to the extreme! I can't even begin to think about high their budget is; they look like bespoke mannequins to me. Behold:
Hundreds of small wooden blocks that make up the lunging panther-type thing. She doesn't look very worried.
The eye is made from coins! I think they're real. Nice touch. That crocodile is just breathtaking, a futuristic space-age safari.
I love the mannequin's silver hair and skin, and amazing eye makeup. The faces look so real.

They're just nonchalently hanging out with zebras, letting them eat strange paper rags, you know. As you do.

That elephant was insane. So huge, really nice. Strange cling-film-esque set up but it was kind of nice. A subtle nod to captivity? Perhaps.
Amazing. Really inspirational window.


Nathalie said...

oh so cool. I really have a thing for shop windows when they are as well done as this!

Winnie said...

I adore the trek up to the Mailbox, you're right, it is soo pretty at night all lit up!

Kasia said...

great pics!