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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life Is Scary

Hurrah! Just submitted my design to Allmightys. Hope it gets accepted =/ Took me so long to sort out the files, geez. My laptop is supposed to be new and awesome but it's damn slow... It took 2 hours to run a defrag on it this morning, then I attempted to edit the files in Photoshop... my laptop hates Photoshop. It's so laggy, takes about 3 hours to do each step I swear.

I knew I should have bought a mac. Using Windows is like swimming in honey... you think it's all yummy and nice and then you're moving all slow and suddenly you can't breathe and oh dear you're dead. Sigh.

And it's a Vaio. One of those expensive ones. Should be awesome. But noooo.


On a different note, I had my interview yesterday with the design company that I hoped to work for a bit in summer, I think I mentioned it earlier. That sentence had the worst structure ever. Anyway, so it was pretty scary, but I think it went OK. I'll be covering for one of the designers for a week, plus a few days either side. But, it's basically full on DTP design work. So I need to learn InDesign and Quark in about 3 weeks.


Well basically they said if I can learn them I'll be far more useful to them, so I need to really. Problem is, even if I get a crack copy from somewhere just to play about with, as I mentioned above, my laptop will hate it. And my home computer is reeeaaally old and slow these days anyway. So I'm going back up to Wolves on friday to visit Russell, and University is still open so i'll just spend monday and tuesday going through tutorials from the internet. It shouldn't be that bad actually, I'm pretty good at picking up new software, and it's in the same family as Photoshop and Illustrator so it'll look semi familiar. Eep.

But yeah, even though the job is only for 8 days, i'll get quite a lot of money for it (which I need badly, boohoo) but even more important is the experience; it'll look great on my CV :) Yay.

Wow it's nearly 4:30. I was going to have an art day today but my stupid computer took up most of it =/ However I'm still going to have a crack at the new IF topic... it's Cars though =/ And that's the one thing that I can't draw. Hmmm. Should be fun :P

I'll post it today or tomorrow when it's done.

OH OH and the nice guys at Allmightys added me as a friend type person to their website... I even have my own little button, on the right side of their page. Which is jolly nice! Although this blog is kind of a working title... I need to make it pretty really. I got some nice comments from them too, so ta for that guys.

If my design gets accepted, EVERYONE has to vote for me. I shall make it law.

1 comment:

julia said...

I would like the tomato with wheels, please. Thank you for the comment. I thought, 'cars' was a tough one to illustrate, too. But then I also thought that to think up 'citrus'as a theme you have to be viscious.
So you're basically out of university for summer ? You're lucky. I think the germans should be studying a little while longer. Mid-june or something like that.
If you have questions about Indesign ask, maybe I can help you, maybe I can't. But try anyway.