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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scary Biscuits!

My housemate Claire had "scary biscuits" as her MSN name once, and I thought it was too cool of a statement to pass up. So I dreamt up this. It was just a silly sketch that I stuck on her door but then I got to colouring it in on photoshop... quite crudely really but it does it's job.

Anyway then I stumbled upon the 'Monsters and Mayhem' competition at
and thought it would be fun to enter it. I haven't actually done so yet cos you have to make templates and thumbnails etc but I will do, cos I've only got until next thursday. If you win you get a percentage of the price of every t-shirt sold, so that's way cool. If I knew how to work illustrator properly I would've coloured it using that, you know with paths and vectors and stuff, so it was all smooth. This look s a bit like it was coloured in paint. But it wasn't, honest!

Yay. Next week I'm going to do my first Illustration Friday attempt. Go me!


julia said...

hi Rachel,
thanks for the comments. Do IF next week, I'll come look. Like the different stuff on your blog. Do they make you change styles in University, or are you a 'natural changer' ?

julia said...

I had some Lemon Aid once, also for a hangover. How funny, that was years ago, I didn't remember until your comment.

kvonberg said...

Hey Rachel,
very cool illustrations indeed!
the book is well cool ( author is Jonathan Safran Foer)
very weird and very well written...
I'm really looking forward to your contribution to the Monsters & Mayhem competition :)
can't wait...
Good luck with all,

filip said...

its wednesday, the deadline to submit :)
btw..we've added you to friends ..

Thanks for the link!