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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Robinson's adverts

Has anyone seen these? They're so cute! I just love the style :D

You can watch one here


Here's some press ads too:

Got them all from here.
Yay :)

I really want to know who did them. I think the advertising company was called BBH, but some designer or illustrator has got to have created the whole thing.

Answers on a postcard please :)

EDIT - OK I just found him ^.^ He's called Adrian Johnson and his stuff is AWESOME. I love it way too much. Look:

Hehe. His website is Everybody go there!
Think I may even add him to my inspiration list. Get me eh.

On another note, I just heard today that I've got a 2 week paid work experience placement at a local design company. They are called impact! and I'm quite excited :) I was hoping for a whole summer placement but I suppose this is better than nothing! And I can stay on longer if I want, just won't get paid. Should be interesting though.
I have to go there next tuesday to show some of my work... but I need to choose pieces that have an editorial design slant... hmmm. Might be quite hard =/ Scary.

1 comment:

Alberto García said...

I love this style too ;-)