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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keaton Henson

Update May 2009:
I've been noticing a lot of traffic to this particular page on my blog. Guess Keaton's a popular guy! However this is quite an old post and so doesn't have a lot of relevant, recent information about him. Go to his new website and have a gander there.
What do you think of Keaton's work? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.
Alternatively, have a look around the rest of my blog and get involved! Maybe even subscribe, I'm quite interesting! :)

The other day I was wearing an Enter Shikari t-shirt that i bought at Download, and it reminded me that I was going to find out who did the album artwork for Take To The Skies. So I found out. His name is Keaton Henson, and this is his website.

It's not fair. He is a year younger than me. And he's so talented already, no university degree, just went out and did it all himself. You can read about him on his biography page, anyway. It kinda depresses me 'cos here is a guy who knows exactly what he's all about, he's already got awesome commisions, knows his style and just produces this amazing, quirky work. I'm nowhere near that stage yet, I don't even have a style.

It makes me think I should just give up if people are going to be so much better than me, and younger! :(

Ok, self pitying rant over. Sorta. I'm not jealous, I just want to be exactly like that ;)

Here is some examples:
Take to the Skies front cover
Monsterrr Clothing
T-shirt Design
Hearts Under Fire EP cover.

The thing that I aspire to is this:

Having your artwork, like if you were commissioned by a band, up on stage in front of loads of people... god that would feel so amazing. One day.

(All images copyright to Keaton, damn him.)


Anonymous said...

He's known for copying other peoples styles and that's not a very nice thing to do!!!

Anonymous said...

i think that keaton henson is a genious .. i dont think he copy's atall .. i think he is very orignial and he gives me alot of influence... i noticed the work of oatmeal was quite similar ... but im not going to hate .. both amazing artists .. i wish i was him.

Rachel said...

Well, I think to say that he copies may be slightly unfair, but his style is certainly not an original concept. I can think of a fair few artists who work in similar ways, but I don't really think it demerits what they do - it's a popular style of illustration and one that works well for music imagery in particular. The thing about illustration is that it's a fine line between being influenced by someone and then copying their style.

But you can never be truly original - all art informs new art and everything is just recycled inspiration with your own twist really.

That's what I think... feel free to disagree!