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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Random Ramblings and Reminders from Rachel

Haven't posted in a few days so I think I shall :)

The new Illustration Friday topic, Your Paradise, is pretty cool, I like it a lot. Shame I don't think I'll have enough time to do it though =/ I've been up at Wolverhampton visiting Russell this weekend, going home tonight, so no art has taken place, I have one day at home tomorrow, then I'm off to Download! Which I'm very excited about. I hope the weather holds up =/

So I could attempt it tomorrow but I don't want to do another half-arsed one like last time. It would be good to spend a few days on it. I have a few basic initial ideas though, either a personal response, some kind of self portrait (perhaps with my ipod on, cos when I'm enveloped in my own little world of music, that's my paradise) with/collage/decoration, maybe even do it vector style... then of course another paradise is creating art itself... which means that the piece could be anything, even just a 'happening' (ooo so arty) as the actual creation of the work would be the outcome.
Or focus on the definition of the word itself... paradise, utopias etc... and then go a bit different, and base it on a dystopia... because of cours ethe title is 'Your Paraadise', not My Paradise... and your paradise could be my idea of hell.

You see. So many ideas, but no time :( I'll see what mood I'm in tomorrow though, I might just throw together the self portrait idea. It's a bit 'a-level girl art' isn't it, though. Like "Oh I'm sooo misunderstood, the only time I'm at total peace is when I'm listening to my tuuuunes on my ipod that my daddy bought me".

Which isn't true. My dad didn't buy me my ipod. I won it. So HA take that, apple.
Except I <3 href="">

I can't put an image up 'cos it's all flash based, but go see. Everything varies quite a lot but my favourite stuff is the kind that the site is decorated with.

Its just the vector swirls and the inkyness and the website is amazing and I'm very jealous :(

Also, this guy:
Leo Hillier.

Looky how cute it is ^.^

I can't remember how I came across him.. just one of my random internet trawls I guess - but his work is so cute, I really love it.

Two totally different styles but I love them both.

See this is my problem, how am I ever going to figure out a style if I have influences from so many different things? Sigh. Watch and find out I suppose.

OH and before I go, just a reminder to any passers-by to vote for my t-shirt design!

Details are in a previous post but just go here, register, and rate my design!

Have a look at the others too, some are amazing.

Right, enough of this madness. No-one will have got to the end anyway.

If I don't do the IF topic tomorrow I'll definately do my blog header design. It's waaay boring right now. I'm thinking inky/collage doodle type thing, with just 'Rachel Lewis Illustration', or maybe something a bit weirder than that. I keep trying to think up of fun blog titles but they're all a bit lame.

I will ponder it on the train journey :)

1 comment:

Needle Blossom said...

You can't steal the other Rachel Lewis' Illustration title, that's wrong. I could knit you a header. Somehow. Check out my page, and check my Stuff Wot I Like...hehe. x