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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Must be some kind of rift in the space-time continuum.

I haven't posted in a while... been quite busy recently, nothing that exciting though. I said to myself I was going to post here once a day but that never happened. I will try though.

Anyway, you may have noticed I prettified my blog ^.^ I'm not overly keen on the header, so that might change soon, but it's ok for time being. Much better than the standard blogger text bit anyway. And I had lots of fun fiddling with colours last night so everything matches now. Hurrah!

There is a new t-shirt design competition open over at The theme for this one is 'Big City Life' and I'm going to try my hardest to win :) I've had a few ideas already, especially as one of my First Year projects was called 'The City', so I think I'll use the concept from that illustration. (Click to have a look, I posted it back in May.)

So here are a couple of my initial sketches for the competition:

This comes from that illustration that I did, but I'll do it in Illustrator (or try to), and use nice flat colours and stuff. Or...

There's this one, not as keen on this, it's supposed to be showing the road and the speeding lights of the cars at night. Meh.

I want to think up of some better ideas though, focussed on the actual 'life' of the city. And make them good. I have about 20 or so days though so I should be ok. I'm going to try to submit more than one design though because then I'll have a better chance won't I :)

So that's that. I also wanted to post about this great little site I came across via Illustration Friday, called Check it out; the basic premise is that all of us, even the busiest, have a few minutes a day that can be used to draw. So there are daily, quick tasks set on there for anyone of any artistic ability to take part in. So far it's been fun :) I'm trying to use it because I know I need to draw more than I do, and the community feel means you can get some really great feedback on what you've done. It's only small so far but I've got a feeling it's really going to take off. For example, the other day the task was a self portrait, and the aim is to do most of these tasks in about 10-15 mins. Here's my attempt:
It's not that great; just shows how bad I've got at drawing now I don't do it every week. That's the good thing about uni, free life drawing classes :)

Tomorrow I start a temporary short job at a local design company, editorial and publication design, that kind of thing. Should be really good but I'm so nervous! I'm such a wuss. Everything frightens me. Life frightens me. It gets scarier as I get older too =/ But I shall post here tomorrow after my first day. Eep.

Last thing I wanted to say today was that a few weeks ago, while being bored and browsing on the internet, I typed in Rachel Lewis Illustration (for that is me, don'tcha know) into google, and guess what came up. Well, go look for yourself! I'm the 3rd entry down, but, and here is a massive shock, there is another illustrator called Rachel Lewis. An entry above me. Oh my god. Blasphemy. Bit unfortunate, eh. Out of all the careers :P Anyway, so I had a look on her website,, and actually her stuff is quite good. I say actually as if i wasn't expecting it to be, no I just feel a bit put out, I hate when other people have my name! And my career. Boohoo. I like her editorial illustrations the most, like this one:
That's a bit small. Er, click on it.

And look, that's even the style I like!! Oh dear.

....Maybe it's me in the future. Or a rift in the space-time continuum. Waaa!!

Anyway, go look at her stuff. She is a better Rachel Lewis Illustrator than I am at the moment.

I hope people don't get confused. I'll have to change my name to Princess Conswale Bananahammock.

Update May 2009: I think she is now defunct... that website doesn't work anymore. So maybe I am the only Rachel Lewis of Illustration now? Who knows. You can see MY website over at the wonderful place of home of the real Rachel Lewis ;) hehe.

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Needle Blossom said...

You don't have that bad bags under your eyes. And how about 'Rachel Lewis - AKA not that other Rachel Lewis' as your name. Or 'Tinkly Tonk, The Pyjama Princess'. I wish I was drunk.