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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Say hello to BerryFace

So I ended up emailing Keaton, asking about his work and things, and he gave me some very good advice:

"just keep painting and drawing exactly what you want to look at and it should be personal to you and therefore bare some kind of mark, but besides, being versatile is great in illustration."
Apart from the awful grammar (teehee), it's very true. I'm constantly worried about my style, or lack of it, and keep focussing on what I think I should be doing, instead of just drawing what I like, for the hell of it, whenever I want.

So I've been day dreaming about all these pieces I want to do, and most involve ink actually. I haven't used ink for a while but I love it, and I think I want to start using it more often. It's the process that I enjoy more than the outcome usually (most of the time it's just a mess, but getting messy is so fun).
So with that in mind, I did a recent Drawanyway task, where you had to simply draw the view through a door. Then I decided to go over it in ink, hurrah:

So there you go. Lots of fun :)
Another uber fun thing, as you have probably noticed, is my new Doll-Doll! She is called BerryFace and she likes you a lot, especially if you feed her easter eggs ^.^ Look after her.
Another thing I wanted to point out is my friend Elly's art blog - Needle Blossom Shed. It is posted under my "Blogs I like" section, but everyone should take a look at this post. Basically, it's awesome. Oh how I love collage!

That's something else I need to get back into as well. Argh. You see my problem?


Reeko said...

Hey! You post on me, so I post on you... Thanks for your nice words and you should post some random doodles! I always think that you make your own rules in drawing, finished/unfinished whatever. It's your visual language, not anyone else's...

The freelance illustration/design world sucks! You're gonna love it! Best thing I did was get a graphic design job. That gets me through the day, pays the bills and allows me to meet people and push my illustration. I see you are stressing about your style, well, me too! I think it's about just doing what you like and working on your personal response because that's the one thing that you have that no one else does. Best of luck! You'll need it!

zari.ZHM said...

Hello!... i can't really say i have a style...but i'm trying. I think every single line we draw gets us closer to identifying our work and ourselves,...i guess so!!! ;)
I've always loved illustration but had not tried cos i was afraid of not beign "AS GOOD AS THE OTHERS", but now that i'm participating i can't explain the's so great!

Keep trying cos iT seems to me that you can do great! (by the way i liked your ink work a lot)

+ thanks for your comments.... :) you have a lik to my page...WAOOOO...thanks!